A Hampshire She-Wolf

June 24, 2012


This creature (left click for full image) appeared at a New Age Travellers’ site off the A30, near Micheldever Station, a couple of years ago.  While she was there she was actually situated at the crossing of the old Micheldever-Andover road (which survives as a sliproad onto the A303 which replaced it) and the A30 Stockbridge Road (an old Welsh drovers’ road to London) – she’s a veritable crossroads goddess.

She’s actually a prop from Grange Park Opera’s staging of Cavalli’s 17th-century opera, Eliogabalo, about the decadent Roman emperor Heliogabalus.  The travellers were employed to clear the site, which is how they came by this representation of the She-Wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.Image

I think she very much fitted in with the sibylline geography or psychogeography of an area which draws together Danebury Ring hillfort, Woolbury Ring (which evokes wolves in its name) and a clump of trees on West Farm, Popham, which overlooks a site of lithic activity stretching from the Palaeolithic to the Bronze Age – a period of over 40,000 years. This latter site – a high-point beside the modern A303 – is aligned on by a dead-straight 3-mile stretch of the A30 between Stockbridge and Sutton Scotney, which aligns in a westerly direction on the southern rampart of Woolbury Ring, a hillfort where a Palaeolithic hand axe has been found associated with a Roman temple.

The She-Wolf appears to have gone from a site threatened by an eviction notice from Winchester City Council.


I don’t see what possible harm they’re doing.


Here’s a view of the slip-road of the westbound A303 which was actually the original Andover Road – note the squat, tree-covered bulk of Danebury Ring (named after the goddess Danu?) at the centre of the picture…


And here’s the Grange Park Opera link to Eliogabalo- the She-Wolf appears exactly 2 minutes in…