New Moon, Temple of Leto, July 19th

July 20, 2012

The natural bedrock underlying the floor of Leto’s Temple

In terms of ‘goddess mysteries’, the sanctuary of Leto at Letoön has to be one of the most special of places, about which I shall write at length soon.  In Greek myth Leto was seduced by Zeus, bearing his children the twins Artemis and Apollo.  She was hounded by his jealous wife, Hera, but was assisted by wolves in finding this spring.  In fact, the sanctity of this site predates the Hellenization of this area of ancient Lycia – now in modern Turkey.  The River Xanthos, which flows close by, was created when Leto gave birth to her twins… Today the remains of three temples to Leto, Artemis and Apollo, as well as a Byzantine church, can be seen at the sacred spring, which issues from beneath the largest temple – to Leto.  Much more to be said…

In the spring pool… attendant geese.