The citye of Is is issuant (atlanst!)

August 15, 2013


Bring about it to be brought about and it will be, loke, our lake lemanted, that greyt lack, the citye of Is is issuant (atlanst!), urban and orbal, through seep froms umber under wasseres of Erie.


Hwo! Hwy, dairmaidens? Ashtoreths, assay! Earthsigh to is heavened.

Finnegans Wake (601.4-9).

Isis unveiled

‘Meet the Mem, Avenlith, all viviparous out of couple of lizards. She just as fenny as he is fulgar. How laat soever her latest still her sawlogs come up all standing. Psing a psalm of psexpeans, apocryphul of rhyme! His cheekmole of allaph foriverever her allinall and his Kuran never teachit her the be the owner of thyself’ (FW 242).

Submerged for over a thousand years, the ancient gateway to the Nile, the lost city of Thonis-Heracleion, near Alexandria – ‘Till thousendsthee. Lps. The keys to. Given!’ (FW 628.15) – was rediscovered in 2000. See here. These pictures have been replicated across the internet (I suspect they are © Franck Goddio/Hilti Foundation/Christoph Gerigk). Walter Benjamin, in The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (1936), appears to celebrate the dispelling of the aura of the object through its mass production. What he is saying, however, according to this critical interpretation, is that the object is released from the hold of tradition to be reactivated in new contexts.

*I’ve also found out that the name Isis is a Hellenised version of the Egyptian goddess’s name, Aseut, drawing Issy/Iseult/Isolde of Chapelizod (‘couple of lizards’) deeper into the mysteries of the Chapel of Isis/Aseut.

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