A Garment of Gold with Red: a Dream of Lost Lovers

September 16, 2013
Gold and Red - Cretan Embroidery

Cretan Embroidery: Exactly the colours that featured on a garment in a dream yesterday morning

Rownest Wood Lane, heading towards Woodmancott. It’s raining.

Unseen, but known of, the two young lovers had disrobed together and left the building ‘to walk in the woods’.

Not seen for five days…

Happen along in the rain. A hive of activity at ‘the building’ – like a school: flat-roofed, one-storey, grey brick – ‘GLC estate architecture’. Out of place in the fields and hedgerows, with woodland within walking distance.

Major police incident. Missing persons. A search party is being organised.  Just passing but decide to join.

Someone holds up and shows the garment ‘she’ left behind… a ‘kimono’ – gold ground with bright-red decoration.

A throng of keen old ladies. See-through polythene overalls handed out to the willing volunteers.

File out into the rain, clutching plastic…

“The phone’s ringing!”

alchemy lovers



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