Strange Weather

November 8, 2013

I knew something was up when the communications kept going down on the device that tracks me – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday… and no-one hassling me to re-boot. I idly wondered whether there was some kind of magnetic solar activity going on. When I saw a report today about the Aurora Borealis being visible as far south as Northumberland in England, well… And it seems the sun has reached the peak of an 11-year cycle of activity, firing off the most powerful solar flare of the year so far, on Tuesday November 5th, as this report explains.

black sun

To quote: ‘While no major disruptions are expected from Tuesday’s flare, the Earth will not remain completely untouched. The strong solar event caused a radio blackout, and the flare did cause a “magnetic crochet” — a disturbance in Earth’s magnetic field as a flare is still in progress, astronomer Tony Phillips wrote in a update on Spaceweather.com, a website that tracks space weather and skywatching events’.

On Wednesday and Thursday the ‘blackout’ occurred around 1pm, just as I was rolling up for my break by the bay. With the tumult of the wind and the waves and the high tide, strewing seaweed and driftwood on the pathway at that time on Thursday, it was as if there was a conjunction between that and the magnetic turbulence of the heavens, sown by the invisible pulses of the sun, and the thought that – temporarily, at least – I was invisible to those who would monitor and measure my progress through the day. A reminder that we are the stuff of stars, and that we exceed – in our macrocosmic and microcosmic dimensions – the technologies developed to bind us.


Strangely enough, maybe more can be read into this rocket fired at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night – to cries of “Whose planet? Our planet!” – in the light of the momentous solar event on the same day, another echo of that maxim of Hermetic Philosophy: “As above, so below”.

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