Wymering Manor: ‘an oratory concealed’

May 3, 2014

Further to my last post on the matter, I had a wander around haunted Wymering Manor yesterday. The work of restoration seems to have begun.


I was able to have a closer look at the shutters with the heart motifs. However, in this view of the side of the house, there is a curious feature about the window to the left of one pair of shutters.


Just visible behind it is the arched shape of a stained glass window. I assume this has something to do with a ‘colourful’ Vicar of Wymering, the Reverend George Nugée, who had, according to this account:

a distinct propensity towards particularly high church services and ritual. During his incumbency at Wymering, he built a private chapel in the Manor House and, in addition, what is apparently an oratory concealed within the walls of an upstairs room.


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