Mother Goose in Dorset

July 24, 2014

Old Mother Goose, when
She wanted to wander,
Would ride through the air
On a very fine gander.


Further to my last post… Having had more time to look at the old map of Dorset, I’m wondering whether the ‘ornithomorphic geography’ of that county also encompasses the figure of the flying goddess (Aphrodite, Frau Holde, etc.) who has persisted in nursery rhyme as Mother Goose.

Dorset 1888

To better convey this image, I’ve dug out the coloured crayons and come up with this. It needs further work – the goose’s foot seems to be positioned too far down to be an anatomically correct representation.


Then again, the juxtaposition of goose and human foot would identify this picture as a representation of La Reine Pédauque, the goose-footed Bertha of medieval legend.


Aphrodite riding a goose


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