‘A Lovely Crush’: Please help get Weyhill Fair scheduled.

October 4, 2014


A festive social geography extending from prehistory… The fair took place from Old Michaelmas Day, October 10th (see this old blog post).

The Heritage Journal

Last Sunday the archaeological record of Weyhill Fair was damaged (legally) by an unstructured detecting rally (sans archaeological input or presence). See here.  Prompted by that, this week we submitted a formal proposal to English Heritage for the site to be scheduled. For them to do that it would need to be a place which includes deliberately created elements, which it is, and be at risk of damage which it is. It also would have to be of national importance according to set DCMS criteria. So is it of national importance? Well, here’s how it measures up to the criteria:

  • Extent of survival – partial building survival above ground, extensive artefact survival below ground.
  • Current condition – pretty good, evidently.
  • Rarity – extreme – because it’s the best of its type.
  • Representivity, either through its range of features or because of its exemplary importance – inarguably excellent on both counts

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