Reclaiming London

May 4, 2015

Trying to track down a particular picture, in relation to the growing resistance to ‘social cleansing’ in London, I came across this review from 2012:

In Take Over the City – Community Struggle in Italy, (1973), Lotta Continua documented multiple forms of struggle beyond the factory walls including rent strikes, mass occupations and mass squatting in ‘a direct response to the tyranny of rent’. Rent strikes and occupations were combined, and a discourse of rights was directly linked to appropriation as in the popular slogans: ‘The only fair rent is no rent!’, and, ‘Housing is a right. Why pay rent!’ Class conflict was extended directly over the entirety of social consumption and was understood as, ‘a struggle for the re-appropriation of social wealth produced by the working class but unpaid by capital’.

Without having to endorse everything Lotta Continua ever did and published, the multiple forms of struggle they documented – including mass occupations and mass squatting – are surely still relevant in what now are desparate times for working class communities trying to maintain a life in a city being sold under their feet.

I tracked down the picture (here)…


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