Leonora Carrington’s Femme et Oiseau (1937)

June 9, 2015


Femme et Oiseau

*This is an ancient draft post that appears to have been accidentally published a few hours ago. I wasn’t happy about putting up an incomplete picture (the left side of the painting is missing – the missing Leon in Leonora Carrington’s signature is a giveaway), but now that it’s up and has prompted a ripple of interest I’ll leave it up. Who knows, maybe a better online version of this wonderful painting will appear?

This painting is reproduced in its entirety (in monochrome) on page 93 of Gabriele Griffin’s essay, ‘Becoming as Being: Leonora Carrington’s Writings and Paintings 1937-40’ (Griffin 1994: 92-107). Griffin is struck by the degree to which a merging of human and equine features is achieved in the painting, a trait of conjoining a female human being with an animal current in her writings of the time.


Gabriele Griffin 1994 ‘Becoming as Being: Leonora Carrington’s Writings and Paintings 1937-40’, in G. Griffin (ed.) Difference in View: Women and Modernism. London: Taylor & Francis.

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