Solidarity for the World Humanimal Community

August 22, 2015

I strongly suspect this illustration by Juan McIver for the 1974 edition of Modern Capitalism and Revolution, by Paul Cardan (Cornelius Castoriadis), has stood the test of time far better than the text it was used to illustrate – notwithstanding any subtle allusions to the republic of labour (symbolised by the holding aloft of various tools of the trade).  A joy to see one of McIver’s characteristic hedgehogs making an appearance…

juan mciver

As a picture, it offers little comfort to those languishing in makeshift camps, displaced by war and the ‘natural disaster’ of climate change. It is, however, an antidote to the pronouncements of hatchet-faced politicians about building stronger and higher fences against human beings – corralled and beaten like livestock – whose homes and lives have been destroyed by the effective operation of the very system of which those same politicians are functionaries and beneficiaries. What McIver’s cartoon suggests is that any overcoming of the miseries imposed by the global system of commodity production and consumption requires the global and local co-operation of human and other-than-human beings – independent of the nations and states of politicians and generals – to bring about a way of living in tune with all our needs and desires across the whole world.


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