A ‘New’ Leonora Carrington Painting

October 24, 2015

I’m drifting back into blogging… perhaps caught in the same spider’s web being played like a harp by one of the ghostly denizens in the lower half of this previously ‘unknown’ Leonora Carrington painting. I can’t wait to see better views of this amazing picture, which seems to convey a kind of ‘dark joy’.

Leonora new

It is a joy to see the reappearance of the motif of the egg, while the gracile, badger-like features of the central therianthropic creature reaffirms for me the role the badger must have had in Carrington’s personal mythology, perceived as, I suspect, a psychopomp – a guide of souls.


This has only become public a few days ago, a painting in someone’s private collection, assessed on television for the US version of Antiques Roadshow in Chicago, and first broadcast on Monday 19th October.

I can’t ignore this, I want to share it, and the timing of its re-emergence is of significance to me.

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